Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox is the revolutionary way to self-detoxify and re-balance your body’s energy fields and cells


Modern day living, stress and diet introduce toxins into your body that cause an electrical imbalance within your cells. It is the natural function of your cells to absorb nutrients and excrete waste products and any imbalance can prevent the cells from performing this function efficiently.


How does the Aqua Detox work

The user of the system places the feet in a bath of luke warm water that has a small amount of salt added, in the form of a solution, which aids the conductivity of the water. When the system is switched on, the array immersed in water creates a series of positive and negative ions – electrons. The body will absorb the electrons and a natural rebalancing of the cells in the body will take place.

While you are relaxing, the water will immediately start to change color as millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. The color change and sediment you see in the water is produced by the ionization interaction of the current flow; the metal in the array and the toxins in the water and body. Negative and positive ions attract toxins and are released from the body via OSMOSIS. This has a very effective way of cleansing the body from heavy metals and other toxins. The benefits of the Aqua Detox system are, detoxification, stimulation and balancing of the body’s energy meridians, and ATP production. ATP has natural body chemicals that extracts energy from your food and makes it available for numerous physiologic functions in the body. You will feel great, sleep better, and have more energy and improved outlook in life.

Some color and sedimentation appear in the water without a person’s feet in the foot spa. However, let us compare the remarkable difference in the colors and sediments seen in the water after treatment of just water. The edge test for metals, petroleum-based substances, and volatile such have benzene, toululene and xylene. Testing options are hair analysis and blood testing, to track exchanges in your toxin levels.

The development of Aqua Detox

Dr Royal R Rife conducted research in the 1930’s and developed a unit that enabled the body to re-balance. It is his research and this early unit that has led to the development of today’s self-detox apparatus. After testing modern detox units from around the world, Dr Mary Staggs decided that these could be improved upon in terms of health benefits and ease of use. Consequently she developed her own unit, the Aqua Detox.

Who is Dr Mary Staggs

Dr Mary Staggs ND FBIH DIHom CRA has been a practising naturopath since 1969 and is then Ambassador for the British Homeopathic Institute for all Spanish speaking countries. She is currently conducting further research into the benefits of using the Aqua Detox unit , with Dr Francisco Javier Manubens.
Dr Manubens is an anaesthetist and surgeon specialising in pain relief and is also known for his work on legal matters for both hospitals and private patients. He is currently bases in Barcelona hospital, conducting research into the benefits of using the Aqua Detox unit on dialysis patients.
They also have a research team in Spain that conducts ongoing research into the uses and health benefits of the Aqua Detox unit.

How are the treatments given

Treatments using the Aqua Detox are usually given through the feet, as this is both convenient and efficient(each foot has over 2000 pores through which toxins can be excreted).The array can also be placed in the bath for immersion of most of the body.

How many treatments should I have?

It is recommended that clients should initially have 5 to 8 treatments, for twice a week for a period of a month. This provides a good initial self detox and after this time it is dependant on how healthy or unhealthy the client feels as to the number of sessions they wish to continue with. However we should advise not to exceed once every 2 days. For those suffering from illness the frequency of treatments should be reduced as their bodies go into ‘ healing’ mode after each self detox. During this time they may feel tired and lethargic as the body uses energy to heal itself, although a feeling of increased energy sometimes follows this.


What are the benefits of Aqua Detox?

Many conditions have improved, including reduction of pain and discomfort after chemotherapy, relief from allergic reactions, calming of eczema, low energy levels, circulation in lower limbs, skin problems, arthritic pain in the joints and ionic detox also seems to work very well in curing hangovers.

One therapist reported dramatic improvements when the system was used on a drug addict who was still suffering from the effects of crack cocaine. Another reported that it can be used to benefit those who are recovering from IBS symptoms.

Research by Dr. Chaudhury into the Aqua Detox System

Scientist Dr Sanjay Chaudhuri MBBS BSc was commissioned to study the effects of ionic detoxification Using a range of monitoring equipment, six people were tested with the genuine Aqua Detox unit while three people were tested with a placebo treatment. Blood tests were taken before and after treatment and vital signs were monitored. Dr Chaudhury reported that blood flow increased and both pulse rates and blood pressure fell in the subjects that had a real treatment. Photographs of the blood before and after treatment seemed to indicate that there was less clumping together of blood cells after the 30 minute session.

The treatment ‘was seen to contribute to negative red cell surface charge which in turn heightens the body’s ability to maintain free-flowing blood cells. Arterial stiffness was reduced and physical stress levels in the body fell appreciably. No obvious differences were noted in the placebo group.

Can everyone use Aqua Detox?

There are three specific types of people who should not use the Aqua Detox unit, these are: people with pacemakers, epileptics and pregnant women(if you have a treatment whilst unaware that you are pregnant, there is no cause for concern, however we would advise against any future treatments whilst pregnant). If you are in any doubt about using the machine , always check with your doctor.

The Aqua Detox unit does not remove any medication from the body. It stimulates the body to re balance and therefore allows it to perform its natural functions more effectively. The body will not excrete any vitamins,minerals,nutrients or medications that are beneficial to it,however,if the client is worried they can take their medication after the treatment.

What do the colours mean?

Whilst the colours produced by the Aqua Detox unit understandably intrigue most people, it is impossible to accurately relate any colour to a specific part of the body. Colour is not a scientific measurement, and no scientific or medical equipment exists to relate colours to organs or areas of the body.

In light of this, we have gone to the lengths of using a Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) camera to show the effects of the Aqua Detox on the body’s energy field. Before it is broken and disturbed after it is complete and grounded.

We have also used a Thermal imaging camera which is medically approved machine used in British Hospitals. Using this equipment, it can be seen that during and after the Aqua Detox treatment, the temperature of the client’s legs is significantly increased (by more than 1c) which indicates that the circulation has been improved.

The research into the benefits of the Aqua Detox unit is ongoing, and we hope to be able to bring you further information in the future.

Reply to negative press

Aqua DetoxTM is aware of the allegations made by critics and their followers concerning our system. These comments were made prior to the publication of our research and to obtaining Class IIa Medical Approval in Europe. In order for Aqua DetoxTM to obtain this approval we had to prove by independent research, that the system is safe to use and the claims we make are correct. The Aqua DetoxTM system does detoxify the body and all the organs of the body, as well as re-balancing and re-energizing the body. This research is readily available, but relates only to the Aqua DetoxTM Detoxification System. The European Class IIa Medical approval was granted on December 21, 2004. The critics had no knowledge of this information at the time their comments were made.

We want you to be aware of these remarks as well as the benefits of the Aqua DetoxTM system. Below you will find a historical timeline.

The Daily Telegraph in the UK, published an informative article on the Aqua DetoxTM experience in July 2003. Article R.htm

Less than a year later, Ben Goldarce a writer with a competitor publication wrote an article in his column called “Bad Science”?. This article was released prior to publication of our research and medical approval being granted.,,1295100,00.html

Following Ben Goldacre, we also became aware of Stephen Barrett, the former psychiatrist who spends his time criticizing every form of alternative care through his websites. He has commented on chiropractic, reflexology, massage, acupuncture and other forms of alternative treatments, including Aqua Detox. However, Stephen Barrett was not aware that Aqua DetoxTM was granted European Class IIa Medical Approval just days prior to his article.

Research has proven the effectiveness of the Aqua DetoxTM system. We have learned that Barrett has discredited himself with Chiropractic, Naturopathic and many respectable other alternative and complimentary health organizations.
Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed In Court Cases
Barrett defeated Again!! Along with other articles
“Quack Buster”? busted: Dr. Stephen Barrett Buster busted – Dr S Barrett.pdf
Delicensed Stephen Barrett, Founder, Loses in Court-Again
Quackbuster, Stephen Barrett: Not an Expert, Declares Judge!!
Failed MD

Whether you choose Aqua DetoxTM as a method of detoxification or not, we sincerely hope that you will continue to learn more about the importance of detoxifying the body and the effect toxins have on the functions of the body.
We trust that this information has provided a balanced response to criticisms of the Aqua DetoxTM system.

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