Corporate Services

Soul to Sole provides therapies in the work place to relieve the stresses and strains of a person’s normal working day by encouraging employees to take TIME OUT.

Many minor ailments result in a large proportion of a company’s absenteeism; back pain, migraine, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, insomnia, stress and its related illnesses can all be helped by Complementary Therapies.

Soul to Sole’s primary aim is to provide a practical /hands on way of reducing stress levels, helping employees to relax, increasing energy levels and treating many ailments naturally, to improve health.

A persons attitude and general well-being should improve, creating a calmer working environment. In turn, increasing productivity and efficiency, benefiting both employee and employer.

Treatments available
Indian head massage
Aromatherapy Massage

Corporate benefits

* Increase in productivity and efficiency
* Invigorates both employees and management
* Practical stress management that staff will enjoy with immediate results
* A very cost effective form of stress management
* Promotes a stress free environment
* No capital investment required
* Minimal disruption to your working day on site service
* Demonstrates the commitment of management to staff
* Provides therapies that can treat many ailments, so reducing absenteeism

Personal benefits

* Relieves stress and tension
* Eases muscular aches and pains , particularly neck,back and shoulders
* Sports and occupational injuries
* Boosts energy levels and alertness
* Increases motivation
* Relaxes and stimulates
* Balances the nervous system
* Helps arthritis and joint problems
* Improves digestive problems
* Eases headaches, migraines, and eye strain
* Reduces anxiety and depression
* Helps reduce blood pressure
* Helps with menstrual and hormonal problems
* Insomnia
* Asthma/Allergies
* Improves circulation
* Promotes a senses of well being and leaves you feeling great.

Corporate packages

We can offer packages tailored to specific company needs . We will be happy to visit you and design a cost effective package, either enhancing your existing stress management scheme or helping to create one for you.
We are available for STRESS BUSTER DAYS providing trial treatments 15 minute sessions, consultations, demonstrations and seminars at a reduced cost.
All our therapists are fully qualified and insured. They work within strict guide lines and maintain the highest standards at all times.

Costs are approx £50 per therapist per hour and we can treat from one person to four people in that time depending on your requirements.

We currently work with West Midlands Police, Age Concern Birmingham, West Bromwich Building Society, Phoenix Futures, The Sanctuary-Castle Vale.

Testimonials from people at the West Bromwich building society

‘I have found the Indian head massage beneficial for releasing tension from the shoulders and neck; also it is brilliant for reducing eyestrain and headaches. The treatment is very relaxing and afterwards I feel revitalised ,calm and stress free. It can be done with or without oils and I would recommend anyone to try this treatment as they will benefit from the effects of the techniques used to increase the feeling of well being’

‘Massage has really made a difference. Not only does it provide a welcomed time out from daily stresses, it also helps improve my posture and tackle those annoying backaches and pains which I experienced sitting at a computer all day. You don’t realise the benefits it makes until you try it.’

‘I have been having Reflexology for about a year and can now manage my sinus problems without medication and my back pain has decreased dramatically. It has also worked wonders for my bowels and menstrual pain has reduced greatly reducing my absence at work. I find the treatment extremely relaxing, it gives me a general feeling of well being and a more positive outlook.’



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