Foot Health Care / Pedicures

Soul to Sole now provides a foot health care service which includes:

– Nail cutting
– Treatment of fungal nails
– Diabetic Foot Care
– Callus and corn removal
– Veruccae treatment
– Athletes Foot
– Ingrown toe nails

Soraya Carroll CFHP, MPSPract is a member of the College of Foot Health Care Practitioners and a member of the Private Sector practitioners.

Cost £25.00. Introductory offer only £18.00


Pedicures- approx treatment time 45 mins: cost £25

Allow an extra 15 mins if you have hard skin or corns which needs to be removed with a scalpel cost £32.

The pedicure begins with a therapeutic foot bath or spa , which is like a mini jacuzzi on your feet ,where your feet are soaked and cleansed in warm, scented water to soften the skin.

This is followed by an ex-foliating rub with salts or minerals to slough off dead skin . cutting and shaping the nails , tidying and trimming excess cuticle which is softened with oils beforehand. As Soraya is a Foot Health practitioner, she is able to treat fungal nails and remove callus and corns using a scalpel, which can’t be done during a normal pedicure by a beauty therapist . She will then use a foot buffer to remove some dead skin from your feet, before massaging creams and aromatherapy oils into your feet, refreshing and softening the skin, whilst performing a reflexology based foot massage to relax you .Your lower legs will also be massaged.

Nails are then painted with a good quality nail polish.

The pedicure will leave you feeling fresh, light and relaxed. Your feet will look and feel better. You’ll want to look at them, show them off, and hopefully take better care of your feet. A regular pedicure can help prevent calluses, corns, cracked heels, ingrown toe nails and toe nail infections..

Your choice of footwear is crucial when you come along for a pedicure. Shop-bought nail polish usually dries completely within five minutes or so; spa-standard nail polish may take up to 12 hours to dry completely. Whatever footwear you arrive in, make sure that you have flip-flops or open sandals to wear when you leave .