Hopi Ear Candles

What are Hopi Ear Candles?

Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candles) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.


How do Hopi Ear Candles work?

The candles are made from the natural ingredients of beeswax, honey extracts, sage, St Johns Wort, chamomile, beta-carotene and organically grown flax. A constant high quality is ensured. The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions. Secretion flow is gently stimulated and the vapour collects and removes impurities or deposits. Most of these are carried away through the candle “chimney”, although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear, or could even work their way up to the surface 24-48 hours after.

What are Hopi Ear Candles used for?

Though results may vary from patient to patient, some of my clients have reported Hopi Candles to be helpful with:

Excessive or compacted wax in the ears
Irritation in ears and sinuses
Pressure regulation in cases of : sinusitis / rhinitis / glue ear / colds / flu / headaches / migraine
Stimulation of local and reflex energy flow
Energetic revitalisation in cases of hearing impairment
Relaxing and calming effect in cases of stress
Noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus
Remember, if in doubt, always contact your GP.

Are there any side effects?

No contra-indications are known to date but as a precaution, it is advisable not to use Hopi candles :

If grommets are in place
If there is inflammation or infection
In the event of an allergic reaction to the contents.

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