Hot Stone Massage

What is a Hot Stone Massage

Stone Massage goes back over 3000 years to China, where the oldest massage tool, dating back to around 2000 BC, was found. . This tool was made of a stone called Jade. It is thought that the stone was used both hot and cold to lie on whilst a therapist performed a massage treatment on tense, tired and sore muscles. Since then the Chinese started using many different stones including basalt and marble as a healing tool in massage


Lava rocks were used by the Hawaiians by putting them on different areas of the body to help healing and as an aid in massage treatments. The stones were tapped together to cause deep vibrations within the tissue to heal deep pain. This was known as a Lomi Lomi massage and was also used to diagnose and treat some diseases.

Native American Indians have always used stones in their rituals and ceremonies where people sit in sweat lodges for days at a time to sweat out both their spiritual and physical impurities. The stones were used as an added relaxation and to keep evil spirits away and to promote well being.

It wasn t until 1994 that hot stones started to be used in body massage by Mary Nelson. Mary spent three years perfecting the La Stone method, which combines both the Native American and the Zen philosophies. Mary then spent time travelling spas around the southwest of America passing her knowledge onto therapists. Over the last 14 years the word has spread, which has led to hot stone massage being used in most therapy spas all over the world.

The use of the warn volcanic stones instantly relaxes and soothes tight aching muscles. As the stones penetrate deep into areas that need it, stress and tension are released from your whole body. The ultimate massage experience.