How to stay safe in the sun UK

How to stay safe in the sun UK

In the UK we are so used the cold weather, rainy seasons and strong winds. When the sun finally makes an appearance its no surprise that we all want to spend hours outdoors.

It is important to look after your health and skin whilst being exposed to the sun. I have put together a few short tips to help you enjoy the heat without putting your skin at risk.

  1. Wear sunscreen that is at least factor 15
  2. Between 11am – 3pm the sun in the UK is at its strongest, so spend time in the shade.
  3. Avoid looking directly at the sun
  4. Wear sun glasses
  5. When buying sunscreen look at for the letters UVA protection
  6. Make sure your sun screen is still in date before use, otherwise it will not protect you
  7. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water
  8. Avoid sitting for long hours in a vehicle
  9. Children under the age of six months should be kept out of direct, strong sunshine
  10. If you have extra sensitive skin cover up with suitable clothing

You can get detailed information from the NHS website. Don’t let burnt skin, irritation and dehydration spoil the very little sunshine that comes our way.

Thanks, Soraya

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